[SciPy-dev] The future of the scipy.sandbox and a reminder of upcoming doc-day

Robert Cimrman cimrman3@ntc.zcu...
Thu Jan 24 02:31:31 CST 2008

Matthieu Brucher wrote:
>> AFAIK the current proposal is as follows
>> scipy.sparse
>>     Will contain the sparse matrix classes and perhaps construction
>> functions (e.g. spdiags)
>> scipy.splinalg
>>     New home for sparse linear algebra (i.e. anything that has a dense
>> analog in scipy.linalg)
>>     Possible home for sparse construction functions (e.g. spkron)
>> splinalg.eigen
>>     Sparse eigensolvers:
>>         sandbox.lobpcg -> splinalg.eigen.lobpcg
>>         sandbox.arpack -> splinalg.eigen.arpack
>>         a function splinalg.eigen.eigs() should support a simplified
>> interface to ARPACK,
>>         without exposing many ARPACK-specific parameters (allowing the
>> backend to be
>>         changed in the future)
>> splinalg.isolve
>>     Iterative solvers for linear systems (e.g. cg, gmres):
>>         linalg.iterative -> splinalg.isolve
>> splinalg.dsolve
>>     Direct solvers for linear systems (e.g. SuperLU):
>>         scipy.linsolve -> splinalg.dsolve
>>         scipy.linsolve.umfpack -> scikit
> Is there any concern about this ? If not, it may be time to make it happen ?


Besides the sparse stuff, I would also like to have support for the 
symmetric eigenvalue functions of lapack that are currently in the 
symeig package, but are not in scipy.linalg. lobpcg needs them to work 


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