[SciPy-dev] changes to Developer Zone

Joe Harrington jh@physics.ucf....
Fri Jan 25 22:19:17 CST 2008

I have reorganized and updated the Developer Zone page.  I also edited
down some of the text, hopefully without removing any information.  My
goal is to make clear how we operate, who is doing what, what status
of each effort is, what help is needed, and whom to contact to
volunteer.  It can do all these things with your help.  However, there
is now a lot of FILL IN to be done.  Please search for FILL IN and see
if you can do so.

Some of the names on the old page were several years old and I haven't
seen many of those people on the lists for a long time.  So, I've put
those names at the bottoms of the sections with a note to move them up
into the team lists if they are still active.  I'll remove them
completely in a couple of weeks if they're still there.

I've also made notes ("FILL IN") asking teams to fill in information
about what they do.  Teams, this may be your best recruiting tool, so
I hope you'll identify your leader(s) and anyone who has taken on a
key area, as well as what it is that you do and how.  If this
information is somewhere else, such as in Trac, please link it.  The
more links into actual work areas the better.

I've identified Travis as coding lead.  I think there is a packaging
lead but I don't recall offhand who that is (Jarrod?).  Are there
"official" doc and web leads?

Thanks for your help in whipping the new page into shape.


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