[SciPy-dev] Summer Doc Marathon status report and request for more writers

Joe Harrington jh@physics.ucf....
Sun Jul 6 08:55:45 CDT 2008

Thanks to all who have signed up since my update email, we've done
another 5%!  Woohoo!  Let's all do it!

We're putting together some sort of prize idea for the conference.
Would folks prefer:

colored conference badge ribbon
dessert on me
graphic for your personal website
copy of the printed PDF autographed by Stefan van der Walt
something else?

You get a + for every 250 words you've written at the time you vote!
You can total your score from the stats page:


In order to allow people to buy as many votes as possible, we'll set
the close of voting as midnight PDT Friday.  Offer subject to
logistical reality (i.e., a conversation with our accountant about
legal uses of certain kinds of funds).  I guess that makes this our



Andrew Straw <strawman@astraw.com> says:

> One thing I notice about the organization of the doc site that seems
> sub-optimal is that functions are resolved to the module where they're
> defined rather than their canonical namespace. In particular, clicking
> on the page for array() from the main numpy page gives me a page with
> the primary header saying "numpy.core.multiarray.array". I think that's
> confusing, particularly to new users. All the more so since I believe
> the "numpy.core" namespace is more-or-less for internal implementation
> and it is discouraged to write external code referencing into numpy.core.

	  Keep your EYES on the PRIZE: *write*!  Woohoo! ;-)


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