[SciPy-dev] Summer Doc Marathon status report and request for more writers

Joe Harrington jh@physics.ucf....
Sun Jul 6 21:32:06 CDT 2008

Hi Nicky,

Glad to have you on board for reviewing!  Stefan or Pauli will get you
added to the editor group on the wiki shortly.  It's the weekend, so
give them a day.  We're being careful about wiki access: With over
2000 pages, it would be easy for someone unknown to us to mess with
what we've done without our notice, or to spam the thing.  Meanwhile,
please familiarize yourself with the writing standards linked from the
front page of the wiki.  Once you have read the writing standards, you
can start reading docstrings and making notes to enter in the comment
areas when your account is active.  We're in the final stages of
putting together review criteria; you'll see those this week.  Please
wait for the review criteria before you mark anything as having passed

It's been great to see how much progress has been made just this
weekend: 20% of all the words written were written since I made my
update post!  Many hands make light work...


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