[SciPy-dev] Namespaces in documentation

Stéfan van der Walt stefan@sun.ac...
Mon Jun 2 03:53:13 CDT 2008

Hi Johann

2008/6/2 Johann Cohen-Tanugi <cohen@slac.stanford.edu>:
> 2) On the other hand, I must have missed something about the ipython
> patch : using the -pylab profile isn't going to mean that people must
> have matplotlib installed in order to cut-and-paste the docstring
> examples? That would seem counter-intuitive at best! As a matter of
> fact, why does it have to live in the pylab profile?

I should rephrase: under the pylab profile, which many people use,
numpy and pyplot will now be available as np and plt.  In addition, we
will also provide a "numpy" profile, that  provides numpy as np.

So a new user will

a) Install IPython, numpy and optionally matplotlib
b) Run "ipython -p numpy" or "ipython -pylab" (if they want to plot things)
c) Type "cpaste" and paste in an example from the docstrings


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