[SciPy-dev] BayesNet SciKit?

Abhik Shah abhikshah@gmail....
Mon Jun 23 16:08:38 CDT 2008

   I'm the author of pebl [http://pebl-project.googlecode.com] a Bayes
net structure learning package. I see that pebl is already listed on
the BayesNet SciKit page on Trac as related software. I am interested
in integrating pebl into SciPy and can offer some development time
(with the usual caveats about needing to work on dissertation, etc).
Is there a separate list for the BayesNet SciKit development?

As I see it, OpenBayes and pbnt are primarily focused on parameter
learning and inference while pebl focuses solely on structure
learning... so their aims are nicely orthogonal and integrating them
shouldn't be too difficult.


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