[SciPy-dev] Building numpy/scipy on RHEL5 OR CentOS5

Michael Hearne mhearne@usgs....
Wed Jun 25 09:02:24 CDT 2008

David - _Now_ I'm ready to try the repository :)  Is there a way to 
ensure that the numpy/scipy RPMs get installed with a /usr/local/bin 
version of python, instead of the outdated /usr/bin/python that comes 
with RHEL?


David Cournapeau wrote:
> Michael Hearne wrote:
>> Phil et. al. - I believe that you and probably others do not have this 
>> problem, but I continue to have it.  I just downloaded the most recent 
>> svn version of scipy and re-attempted the build and install.  The build 
>> was successful, but the install complained about ufmpack.
> Could you give us the whole build log (after removing the build
> directory, i.e. from scratch) ? It looks like you found a bug in the
> configuration system at some point.
> Also, did you try the ashigabou repository ? It should be easy to try,
> and if it works, it should right away (also, if this one works for you,
> it should work for everybody, since binary install, once working, are
> much easier to do).
> cheers,
> David

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