[SciPy-dev] Google Summer of Code 2008 and SciPy

halish mhaligowski@googlemail....
Mon Mar 3 10:19:10 CST 2008

my name is Mateusz Haligowski and I am a student of the third (and the
last) year of Baccalaureate studies at the University of Gdańsk. I
study Econometrics and Statistics.

Last year I participated in GSoC, writing a plugin for Scribus (DTP
software). It was a great fun, but this year I'm longing to write
something connected with my studies.

I would like to ask, whether SciPy is planning to participate as a
mentoring organisation in GSoC this year? I've received a message on
python-gsoc mailing list, that you would need some econometric
functions, and that would be a perfect thing for me.

The registration process for mentoring organisations started today,
ie. Monday the 3rd of March. It will last until 12th March. The
details are available on http://code.google.com/soc/faqs.html.

I'm really encouraging SciPy to participate in GSoC.

Mateusz Haligowski

(I try to stay at #scipy recently as halish, if you would like to talk to me)

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