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Russel Howe russel@appliedminds....
Tue Mar 4 23:51:02 CST 2008

I am attempting to add support for lsodi from odepack to
scipy.integrate.ode.  I have almost succeeded, but to be complete I
would like to be able to recover values of ydot during integration.  The
documentation for lsodi recommends a call to intdy to return these
values.  How do I write a pyf file for this function?

  From the lsodi documentation:

c   call intdy (t, k, rwork(21), nyh, dky, iflag)
c the input parameters are..
c t         = value of independent variable where answers are desired
c             (normally the same as the t last returned by lsodi).
c             for valid results, t must lie between tcur - hu and tcur.
c             (see optional outputs for tcur and hu.)
c k         = integer order of the derivative desired.  k must satisfy
c             0 .le. k .le. nqcur, where nqcur is the current order
c             (see optional outputs).  the capability corresponding
c             to k = 0, i.e. computing y(t), is already provided
c             by lsodi directly.  since nqcur .ge. 1, the first
c             derivative dy/dt is always available with intdy.
c rwork(21) = the base address of the history array yh.
c nyh       = column length of yh, equal to the initial value of neq.

t, k, and nyh are simple but how do I pass the base address of an array?
       Further digging shows the the yh array has dimensions (neq, nqcur)
both of which are accessible at call time but unknown at compile time.
I use this information to construct an apropriate 2-d array to pass to
intdy, but I don't see how to pass the full dimensions to f2py.
Attached is my current attempt, plus a small test program.


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