[SciPy-dev] Numpy/Cython Google Summer of Code project idea

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Thu Mar 6 12:15:51 CST 2008

 Hi all,

 after the Scipy/Sage Days 8 meeting, we were all very impressed by the
 progress made by Cython.  For those not familiar with it, Cython:


 is an evolved version of Pyrex (which is used by numpy and scipy) with
 lots of improvements.  We'd like to position Cython as the preferred
 way of writing most, if not all, new extension code written for numpy
 and scipy,  as it is easier to write, get right, debug (when you still
 get it wrong) and maintain than writing to the raw Python-C API.

 A specific project along these lines, that would be very beneficial
 for numpy could be:

 - Creating new matrix types in cython that match the cvxopt matrices.
 The creation of new numpy array types with efficient code would be
 very useful.

 - Rewriting the existing ndarray subclasses that ship with numpy, such
 as record arrays,  in cython.  In doing this, benchmarks of the
 relative performance of the new code should be obtained.

 Another possible project would be the addition to Cython of syntactic
 support for array expressions, multidimensional indexing, and other
 features of numpy.  This is probably more difficult than the above, as
 it would require fairly detailed knowledge of both the numpy C API and
 the Cython internals, but would ultimately be extremely useful.

 Any student interested in this should quickly respond on the list;
 such a project would likely be co-mentored by people on the Numpy and
 Cython teams, since it is likely to require expertise from both ends.



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