[SciPy-dev] building SciPy for CentOS 5

Joseph VanAndel vanandel@ucar....
Tue Mar 11 07:59:45 CDT 2008

Robert, thanks for your help.

Now, when I run
 >> import scipy
 >> scipy.test(level=1, verbosity=2)


Error 1:
I get the message:
WARNING: cblas module is empty

As I mentioned earlier, I build Atlas from the source RPMS found here:

There is no mention of cblas in the atlas.spec file, so I don't see how 
the Atlas SRPM could supply cblas .


Error 2: python2.5.1 crashes :

(scipy.linalg.tests.test_blas.test_fblas1_simple)Segmentation fault

Robert Kern wrote:

> Change to another directory. Python looks in the current directory for
> modules and packages before it looks in site-packages, so you are
> seeing the incomplete source tree rather than the installed scipy.

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