[SciPy-dev] building SciPy for CentOS 5

Phil Austin phaustin@gmail....
Tue Mar 11 11:14:24 CDT 2008

Joseph VanAndel wrote:
 > I rebuilt scipy, using g95 (thanks David!).
 > Any ideas on why these Orthogonal Distance Regression (ODRPACK) tests 

All these pass for me with Centos 5.1

test_explicit (test_odr.TestODR) ... ok
test_implicit (test_odr.TestODR) ... ok
test_lorentz (test_odr.TestODR) ... ok
test_multi (test_odr.TestODR) ... ok
test_pearson (test_odr.TestODR) ... ok

with  Python 2.5.1 (all code compiled from source)

  svn.version.version  '0.7.0.dev3893'
   on x86_64


Python 2.5.2

   on i686

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