[SciPy-dev] Merging branch to build scipy with scons

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Thu Mar 13 04:36:00 CDT 2008

Jarrod Millman wrote:
> You rock!  Just to let you know, a lot of people are watching your
> work adding scons support.  For instance, the Sage developers were
> very keen to see numscons support added to both NumPy and SciPy.  They
> were asking about it during the Austin meeting.

Hm, I guess I am cursed, svnmerge failed again. Since I only add non 
existing files, maybe I can just put new files in the trunk ?

Also, people interested in numscons really should discuss with me first, 
because right now, I consider it to be my playground, and I break 
various things when I need it. And also, there are some key things 
missing in scons, which I am working on now (that's most of the time I 
spent on numscons recently), to make the changes upstream, since I don't 
want to keep internal changes to scons for too long.



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