[SciPy-dev] building SciPy for CentOS 5

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Mon Mar 24 06:18:18 CDT 2008

Mark Coletti wrote:
> I'm having the same problem with my SuSE 10.1 box.  I've had to install python
> 2.5 in /usr/local/; 2.4 is still in /usr/bin.  This *shouldn't* be a problem,
> but I worry there might be some sort of conflict between the two.  I hope
> there's not some compatibility problem between the latest python and scipy.

This is because you are trying to import numpy while being in the numpy 
source tree, which does not work. The solution is to simply relaunch 
your python interpreter from another directory. The last svn has a 
better error message, because the above error is indeed quite obscure.

Also, note that I put some CENTOS 5.0 RPM (well, RHEL 5, but they are 
supposed to be the same if I understand correctly) for scipy and numpy 
on ashigabou:




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