[SciPy-dev] Dropping djbfft ?

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Mon May 12 20:53:05 CDT 2008

Robert Kern wrote:
> Neither djbfft vs. fftw nor djbfft vs. MKL are definitive comparisons.
> Not everyone can use GPLed code or proprietary code.

I understand that, I was merely answering to the fact that djbfft is the 
fastest. We have fftpack for people who do not care so much about speed, 
no ? IOW, I understand there are people who care about speed, people who 
care about open source, and people who care about not depending on both 
GPL and proprietary code. We support all this, and can still do it 
without depending on djbfft. But do we need to satisfy all the 
combinations of the above ?



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