[SciPy-dev] [Numpy-discussion] [SciPy-user] ANN: NumPy/SciPy Documentation Marathon 2008

Stéfan van der Walt stefan@sun.ac...
Sat May 17 16:24:33 CDT 2008

Hi Anne

2008/5/17 Anne Archibald <peridot.faceted@gmail.com>:
> * Am I supposed to be able to edit the wiki? If I go to, for example,
> http://sd-2116.dedibox.fr/doc/Docstrings/numpy/core/multiarray/empty
> and click on any of the "edit" links I am told I don't have permission
> to edit the page, in spite of having registered.

The front page of the docwiki contains all the necessary instructions:


I just need your username, then I'll add you to the EditorPage.

> * How and when are merges back from the wiki into the docstrings going
> to happen? Presumably, since any examples will become doctests, this
> will require substantial human intervention to fix all the broken
> tests (and remove instances of "shutil.deltree('/')" and the like).

For now, I shall merge the docstrings once every couple of days (at
least once a week).  Each changed docstring becomes a different patch
in a bzr repository, which we host in the background.  I can therefore
easily go through the changes, and decide which ones to accept.

> * Is there some special format the wiki markup needs to be in to
> ensure that the reST docstrings are properly formatted?

As long as you provide valid restructuredtext between the start and
end tags provided, your changes will be picked up correctly.

> * What fate is planned for the Numpy Example List and its progeny?
> Presumably everything in the basic Example List should be moved into
> docstrings (and therefore become doctests)? The categorized example
> list would presumably then develop links to the function documentation
> pages instead...

Those examples should definately end up in the docstrings (some of
them have, already -- see e.g. dtype).  We've introduced indexing tags
in the docstrings, which should help us to generate a reference guide
organised roughly according to the categories set out in your examples
list (we haven't finalised the indexing categories, and could use some
help on that still).


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