[SciPy-dev] ANN: NumPy/SciPy Documentation Marathon 2008

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Sun May 18 08:06:49 CDT 2008


su, 2008-05-18 kello 14:32 +0200, Johann Cohen-Tanugi kirjoitti:
> thanks. I am looking at fromnumeric.py, and more precisely the examples. 
> When I try doctest.testfile I get a lot of errors and it seems that in 
> every single examples I need to add :
>     >>> from numpy import array
>     >>> from numpy.core.fromnumeric import *
> So that array is known within the example, as well as the actual 
> function being tested.... I find that a bit strange so I would like to 
> know if there is smthg I do wrong. Here is what I do :
> [cohen@jarrett core]$ ipython -c "import 
> doctest;doctest.testfile('/home/cohen/data1/sources/python/numpy-svn/numpy/core/fromnumeric.py',module_relative=False)"

I think the problem is that right now very few of the examples can
actually be ran as doctests, because of the missing import statements.

We still need to decide on a standard way to use imports in the
examples, and document it more clearly on the wiki. After this is done,
we need to can out how to run doctests so that the examples pass. And
after this, we can start testing and fixing the examples.

I think there are three reasonable choices:

1) Assume 'from numpy import *'

   'import doctest, numpy; doctest.testfile(file_name, globs=numpy.__dict__)'

2) Assume 'import numpy'

   'import doctest, numpy; doctest.testfile(file_name, globs={"numpy": numpy})'

3) Assume 'import numpy as np'

   'import doctest, numpy; doctest.testfile(file_name, globs={"np": numpy})'

The default doctest choice of using the __dict__ of the module where the
test is in might not be reasonable if we want to write examples instead
of doctests. (And this default choice apparently doesn't work with
testfile but it works with testmod?)

I think Stéfan suggested 2). I'd say 1) or 2).


PS. Could you use "Reply all", so that the messages go also to the
    scipy-dev list? I think this discussion has interest also to other

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