[SciPy-dev] ANN: NumPy/SciPy Documentation Marathon 2008

Johann Cohen-Tanugi cohen@slac.stanford....
Mon May 19 11:54:47 CDT 2008

yesterday when I started to modify the doctest I used import numpy. It 
is easy enough to change to import numpy as np, but please let's get 
that out of the way once and for all. I have no preference between the 2.

John Hunter wrote:
> On Sun, May 18, 2008 at 8:10 PM, Joe Harrington <jh@physics.ucf.edu> wrote:
>> This is why we have asked people (in the doc instructions and example)
>> to assume "import numpy" for numpy docs, to assume that and "import
>> scipy" for scipy docs, and to make all other imports explicitly in the
>> examples (e.g., if you want to plot in an example).
> in the numpy sprint at Berkeley the numpy devs including Travis,
> Robert, Jarrod and others voted to recommend 'import numpy as np'.
> Perhaps we can go with that and avoid further debate.  The vote was
> for:
> import numpy as np
> import scipy as sp
> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
> >From the sprint chat:
> In the chat room: Fernando Perez (fdo.perez@gmail.com),
> chris.d.burns@gmail.com, Robert Kern (robert.kern@gmail.com), Jarrod
> Millman (millman.ucb@gmail.com), teoliphant@gmail.com
> 2:43 PM Fernando: You've been invited to this chat room!
>   john?
>  me: hey
>  Fernando: quick, I know you're busy...
>   import numpy as np
> import scipy as sp
> import matplotlib as mpl
> 2:44 PM me: no problem what's up?
>  Fernando: these as conventions for shorhands?
>   the mpl one I don't like... awkawrd to touch type...
>   OK with the first two?
>  me: well, you probably mean pyplot, not maptlotlib, since that is
> where the pylab plotting functionality lives
>   import pyplot as plt?
> 2:45 PM the first two look good to me -- I much prefer the lower case
> over import numpy as N and single letter lower case is too brittle
> 2:46 PM Fernando: rkern says pyl...
>   travis says lab
> 2:47 PM travis also votes for plt...
>  me: I like plt reasonably well -- I'd also like to do apylab next
> generation along the lines of what we talked about before
>   import pyplot as plot
>   import numpy as np
>   import scipy as sp
>   import numpy.fft as fft
> 2:48 PM import scipy.optimize as opt
>   etc....
>  Fernando: OK, the show of hands here also goes for plt.
>   Let's just run with it, you OK?
>  me: yep
>  Fernando: so it is: np, sp, plt. Hammer goes down.
> 2:49 PM We may ping you again for quickies like this if you approve.
> I'll make sure not to disturb you too much, but it helps to make
> decisions and move along. Thanks!
>  me: sounds good -- good luck!
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