[SciPy-dev] License review / weave bsd-ification

Benny Malengier benny.malengier@gmail....
Mon Nov 3 05:07:48 CST 2008

2008/11/3 Jarrod Millman <millman@berkeley.edu>

> There are a number of weave test failures that need to be fixed.  Here
> is a ticket with some (there may be more, I am not sure):
> http://scipy.org/scipy/scipy/ticket/490

I wanted to look at this, but running here

>>> import scipy.weave
>>> scipy.weave.test()

Ran 135 tests in 3.217s

<nose.result.TextTestResult run=135 errors=0 failures=0>

Level is deprecated in next release I see, adding it changes nothing. Am I
doing something wrong?

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