[SciPy-dev] scipy.stsci to scikits?

Damian Eads eads@soe.ucsc....
Mon Nov 3 13:14:34 CST 2008

+1 keep ndimage in SciPy
+1 please clarify what you mean by image modules. Do you mean to be
inclusive of ndimage?

Image processing seems pretty generic and fundamental. It's useful
throughout many fields including pathology, medical imaging,
astronomy, remote sensing, computer vision, multimedia, enviromental
science, and meteorology. When I first started using SciPy, ndimage
was the reason I downloaded it. I'm sure quite a large number of
scientists depend on it. I guess before I argue any further, I'd ask
you to clarify what you mean.


On 11/3/08, Christopher Hanley <chanley@stsci.edu> wrote:
> Alan G Isaac wrote:
>> Christopher Hanley wrote:
>>> Would there be any opposition is moving the scipy.stsci package to
>>> scikits?  As a reminder, scipy.stsci contains the convolve and image
>>> modules that were once distributed with numarray.  Thoughts? Opinions?
>> I would be affected if ndimage were moved out of SciPy.
>> It is not clear to me that you have this in mind when you
>> mention the "image modules"?  If anything, I'd like to see
>> ndimage move into NumPy.  Certainly not "out" into a scikit!
>> Alan Isaac
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> Moving ndimage was not part of my plans.  Only what is currently under
> the scipy.stsci namespace. There are two packages there right now.  One
> is called "convolve", the other is "image".  Both are really geared
> toward 2D arrays.
> The ndimage package is under a completely different namespace.
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