[SciPy-dev] scipy.stsci to scikits?

Christopher Hanley chanley@stsci....
Mon Nov 3 13:37:11 CST 2008

Damian Eads wrote:
> +1 keep ndimage in SciPy
I have made no claim that ndimage should be moved.  The ndimage code is 
separate from the code I am discussing.

> +1 please clarify what you mean by image modules. Do you mean to be
> inclusive of ndimage?
I am referring to the code in the directory:

These are modules that were once distributed as part of numarray because 
we needed them for our STScI code.  There is code that we and other 
astronomers still use that depend on these modules.  ndimage does not 
depend on these modules in any way.

> Image processing seems pretty generic and fundamental. It's useful
> throughout many fields including pathology, medical imaging,
> astronomy, remote sensing, computer vision, multimedia, enviromental
> science, and meteorology. When I first started using SciPy, ndimage
> was the reason I downloaded it. I'm sure quite a large number of
> scientists depend on it. I guess before I argue any further, I'd ask
> you to clarify what you mean.
> Damian

I am all for generic image processing and would encourage as many people 
  as possible to use and support ndimage.  That being said, these other 
modules still need to be kept around for compatibility.  I am arguing 
that they be moved to a scikit because they do not support N-dimensional 
array processing.  I see scipy as a general purpose scientific computing 
environment and scikits as more specialized packages.  If you need more 
specialized array processing, grab our scikit.  Otherwise just stick 
with scipy and don't worry about having to install yet-another-package 
that you will never see or use.

This is my current thought process.  Keep in mind that I am not saying 
anything should or shouldn't be done with ndimage.  I am only addressing 
what is currently in the scipy.stsci namespace.


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