[SciPy-dev] scipy.stsci to scikits?

Jarrod Millman millman@berkeley....
Mon Nov 3 13:42:28 CST 2008

Hey Chris,

Thanks for offering to work on this.  I don't like the package *name*
scipy.stsci; however, I am not sure what should be done.  Obviously,
there is a strong consensus that scipy.ndimage should stay and you
clearly aren't suggesting otherwise.  I also want to preface the
following remarks with saying that rather than focusing on how to
handle deprecations or renaming, I would like everyone to focus
specifically on what we would ideal like to see done with scipy.stsci.
 Once we figure out what we want done with this package, we can
discuss how to get there.

It seems to me that a 2D image processing package would be useful and
appropriate in scipy.  We currently have two places that it may make
sense to put 2D image processing functionality:

Is it reasonable to merge the scipy.stsci functionality into either
ndimage or signal?  Would it be better to rename stsci to image


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