[SciPy-dev] scikit for dae

Benny Malengier benny.malengier@gmail....
Wed Nov 5 07:06:35 CST 2008

With all the talk of integration of new code and the difficulties involved,
I decided to rewrite my patch to scipy.integrate to add a dae solver, as a
scikit instead: scikits.odes

Is this acceptable? If allowed as a scikit I could add some further backends
(I'm thinking of 2).
It would ease my hacking on it, allow collaboration, and enable more
extensive testing (only linux 64bit here). The code would be more accessible
too being available with easy_install, instead of a patch set.

The patch is here: http://cage.ugent.be/~bm/progs.html


PS: If somebody needs Krylov preconditioners in dae, I could interface that
in the ddaspk backend, but as I have no experience with this, somebody
interested should construct a test case, and collaborate with me. ddaspk is
in essense two programs in one, one with Krylov, one without.
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