[SciPy-dev] assert_dtype_equal

Tiziano Zito opossumnano@gmail....
Thu Nov 6 09:33:00 CST 2008

dear devs, 

writing the tests for eigh I noticed that there is no
"assert_dtype_equal" in numpy.testing . I implemented it in
test_decomp.py as:

def assert_dtype_equal(act, des):
    assert dtype(act) == dtype(des), \
           'dtype mismatch: "%s" (should be "%s") '%(act,des)

would'nt it be an useful addition to numpy.testing?


On Thu 06 Nov, 15:34, Tiziano Zito wrote:
> dear devs, 
> I am working on the integration of symeig in scipy as a replacement
> for eigh. As a first step I wrote some tests for eigh, which was not
> tested till now. It would be better if these tests could be
> committed before anything else, so that even if symeig integration
> fails for some reason, eigh gets tested anyway. Who should I ask 
> for commit privileges to the scipy svn repo? Alternatively, I can 
> send a patch here or on scipy Track.
> The two utility functions "symrand" (generate a random symmetric
> positive definite matrix) and "random_rot" (generate a random
> rotation matrix) are in test_decomp.py, let me know if you want them
> available somewhere else in scipy. I think they are useful enough to
> be put somewhere, what about directly under scipy.linalg?
> some other random questions:
> - the signature for eigh currently is:
>   eigh(a, lower=True, eigvals_only=False, overwrite_a=False)
>   because eigh will grow an additional optional argument "b" (the
>   second matrix of a general eigenproblem), the "overwrite_a"
>   argument should become "overwrite": "b" will be also overwritten.
>   Is this too much of an API breakage?
> - in the eigh code I see snippets like this:
>    if heev.module_name[:7] == 'flapack':
>         lwork = calc_lwork.heev(heev.prefix,a1.shape[0],lower)
>         w,v,info = heev(a1,lwork = lwork,...
>    else # 'clapack'
>         w,v,info = heev(a1,...
>   what is 'clapack'? how can I test it? I work on a debian system 
>   with atlas installed and the 'flapack' branch is always run. why
>   has clapack no "lwork" argument? is it important at all? 
> thank you!
> tiziano

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