[SciPy-dev] Two new test failures

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Thu Nov 13 10:27:57 CST 2008


I ran the test 10,15 times and I never get a failure with nbinom. I'm
working with numpy 1.2.1 on Windows XP, and I don't know which part of
the test causes the failure.

Would you please run the attached test file with nosetests -v -s and
post the output? It is the same test as in trunk but running only
nbinom with debug printout, and runs pretty fast.

To get a quick check on the random number generator you could also check:

>>> stats.nbinom.stats(5,0.5)
(array(5.0), array(10.0))
>>> rvs = np.random.negative_binomial(5, 0.5, 1000000)
>>> rvs.mean()
>>> rvs.var()

Thanks for the help,

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