[SciPy-dev] Reverting eigh code ?

Tiziano Zito opossumnano@gmail....
Sat Nov 22 04:51:32 CST 2008

Hi David!

> I could reproduce a similar problem (indeed related to work size) on
> Ubuntu Hardy 32 bits with custom-build ATLAS, and RHEL 5 64 bits - the
> tests fail, but do not crash, though.
>> Is there a buildbot that we can use for such cases?

Unfortunately I am away from my developing platform, I'll be back on
Monday. I think increasing the lwork size for the complex routines in
the generalized eigenproblem case may help. I think the minimal lwork
assumptions I have made may need to be relaxed a bit. As i already
explained, I did not understand the code in calc_lwork.f enough to be
able to write an lwork calculator for the eigh routines: doing this
will be the best option, but it may take sometime (and someone else's
work). If you send me the exact failing tests  (so that I can check
which routine is failing) I may try to repair it within Monday
afternoon (European time).
Are you ging to be online or can you give me access on a machine where
the tests are failing?

thank you!

PS: for obvious reasons I would be really happy to see the improved
eigh in scipy 0.7 ;-))

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