[SciPy-dev] [patch] read/write v5 .mat files with structs, cell arrays, objects, or function handles

Stéfan van der Walt stefan@sun.ac...
Wed Oct 1 15:20:31 CDT 2008

Hi Ray

2008/10/1 Thouis (Ray) Jones <thouis@broad.mit.edu>:
> These changes were to make the scipy<->matlab mapping more explicit.
> The changes to the string type probably don't break any existing code.
>  The changes to the struct & matlab objects probably do.  It's
> possible to make both of these backward compatible, if that's a
> priority.  We're looking for feedback on that (or any other) issue.

Thank you for improving the SciPy IO capabilities!  Before we go
ahead, would you kindly do the following:

- Make sure that the existing test suite passes with your patch
applied (I can't do that from here right now)
- Write tests to verify the working of the new functionality

You'll see that we have a very thorough round-tripping test set for
the IO code already, and it would be good to keep this up to date with
your changes.

Requiring tests for contributions is certainly not intended to slow
the adoption of patches; we simply need to see what the code does, and
must ensure that it does so correctly.

Ideally, we'd also like documentation for all the classes in the IO
module, but it would hardly be fair to ask you to write them :)

Thanks again,

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