[SciPy-dev] SciPy-dev] [patch] read/write v5 .mat files with structs, cell arrays, objects, or function handles

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Fri Oct 3 00:54:45 CDT 2008


>> For the API change, the API for the io has already changed in the
>> trunk, from an earlier change (well-motivated) by Nathan Bell.   I
>> would love to see a version of this patch in 0.7 if at all possible.
> Yes, I know, it broke my packages :) I don't think it is good
> practice. We allow for scipy API changes, but it would still be better
> it we were saying that something is about to change. It really does
> not cost much, I think.

All your points well taken, and I voted rather weakly against the
earlier change, but, given the API is already changed compared to the
previous release, and that Scipy releases are infrequent, my weak vote
would still be for going the whole way here, but I'm happy to be

See you,


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