[SciPy-dev] [Numpy-discussion] Proposal: scipy.spatial

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu@aero.iitb.ac...
Mon Oct 6 15:05:30 CDT 2008

Anne Archibald wrote:
> 2008/10/4 Prabhu Ramachandran <prabhu@aero.iitb.ac.in>:
> I have added several in-a-ball queries to the kd-tree implementation
> in the spatial branch. Please let me know what you think. The API is a
> bit ad-hoc, since I can see a number of different ways one might want
> to use the code. In particular, some query functions do not currently
> return the actual distance, since one of the shortcuts is to include
> whole branches of the tree if their bounding box lies inside the ball

I have only taken a cursory look and it looks very good to me.  I like 
the general API and love the fact that you have tests for everything. 
I'm too swamped to try out the branch at the moment though.  Thanks very 
much for doing this!

 > of interest. I suspect that for many algorithms of interest it will be
 > necessary to write a custom tree-walking algorithm. I'm not sure
 > whether it makes sense to try to provide functions to support this.

I am also not sure about this.  Once spatial is available in scipy 
proper perhaps we'll get more feedback on other things people are 
looking for.


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