[SciPy-dev] Bug in scipy.weave.catalog.default_dir()

Joseph Turian turian@gmail....
Wed Oct 8 16:35:08 CDT 2008

I am using scipy.weave in an environment in which my home directory is
not accessable.
However, scipy.weave attempts to write to $HOME/.python25_compiled,
even though I set PYTHONCOMPILED.

Looking a little deeper, I see that scipy.weave.catalog.default_dir()
is implemented incorrectly.
The documentation says:
"If for some reason it isn't possible to build a default directory
in the user's home, /tmp/<uid>_pythonXX_compiled is used."

What actually happens is that if $HOME is defined,
$HOME/.python25_compiled is used and no exception is caught if writing
I would prefer that, as per the documentation, if
$HOME/.python25_compiled is not writeable then the exception is caught
and /tmp/<uid>_pythonXX_compiled is used instead.

Could someone please implement this?
It's a simple fix.


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