[SciPy-dev] [mailinglist] Re: numpy.distuils question

Uwe Schmitt uschmitt@mineway...
Mon Sep 8 06:00:02 CDT 2008

Charles Doutriaux schrieb:
> Uwe,
> I'm attaching an example of setup.py i have that does what you want.
> I have the strucutre:
> setup.py
>  Lib/
>    __init__.py
>    ...python files ....
>  Src/
>     ..fortran or C files ...
> Hope this helps.
> C.
Hi and Thanks,

your script works, but there are still some problems for me:

1) How do you get your extension module loaded during
   development ?
   If I use the script, the extension xxx.pyd is built
   in the same directory as setup.py
   But the script which loads the extension is one
   level below.

2) If I use the install command of setup.py my
   extension is copied to .../site-packagen/xxx.pyd,
   the rest of the package will be below

I would be happy if  "setup.py build_ext --inplace" would  put the 
extension module
to Lib/
and if "setup.py install" would put the extension module into the 
package folder
below .../site-packages/

Greetings, Uwe


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