[SciPy-dev] building binary installers

Nathan Bell wnbell@gmail....
Fri Sep 12 15:05:04 CDT 2008

Once the next stable versions of NumPy and SciPy are released, I'd
like to provide binary installers for PyAMG[1] for several platforms
(32 and 64-bit Linux and Windows mainly).  Currently, I just compile
all three from source on my Ubuntu system, but I wouldn't expect
others, especially those on a Windows system, to do so.

FWIW, PyAMG uses extension modules which make limited use of LAPACK.
The build system (setup.py) was directly adapted from the one in

Is there a pain-free method to produce installers for these platforms?
 Are there any machines available for testing and creating binaries on
the various platforms?

Any guidance or advice is most appreciated.

[1] http://code.google.com/p/pyamg/

Nathan Bell wnbell@gmail.com

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