[SciPy-dev] building binary installers

Stéfan van der Walt stefan@sun.ac...
Sat Sep 13 00:38:08 CDT 2008

Hi Nathan

I am impressed by the organisation of your Google Code page; very
professional!  Could you point me to an introductory paper on AMG and
where it can be applied (maybe put it on the wiki -- along with
references to your own papers, so that people who use your package can
cite you)?

I don't have much advice for building on the different platforms -- I
assume David will have more to say.  For SciPy, we create a virtual
machine under VMPlayer which runs Windows XP or XP64, and then do all
the compiling and building there.  That way, you can build on your
private box, and if someone else needs to take over the
responsibility, you just give them the VM image.

Good luck!

2008/9/12 Nathan Bell <wnbell@gmail.com>:
> Once the next stable versions of NumPy and SciPy are released, I'd
> like to provide binary installers for PyAMG[1] for several platforms
> (32 and 64-bit Linux and Windows mainly).  Currently, I just compile
> all three from source on my Ubuntu system, but I wouldn't expect
> others, especially those on a Windows system, to do so.
> FWIW, PyAMG uses extension modules which make limited use of LAPACK.
> The build system (setup.py) was directly adapted from the one in
> SciPy.
> Is there a pain-free method to produce installers for these platforms?
>  Are there any machines available for testing and creating binaries on
> the various platforms?
> Any guidance or advice is most appreciated.
> [1] http://code.google.com/p/pyamg/

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