[SciPy-dev] integrate.dop w/ setupscons and r5642

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Wed Apr 8 01:52:59 CDT 2009

I just tried to compile scipy using setupscons.py on a virtual  
environment in MacOSX (10.5.6, gcc 4.2). Works quite OK, except for  a  
the content of the scipy/integrate directory in the site-package is  
__init__.py             info.py                  
libodepack.a            odepack.py               
quadrature.py           setupscons.py
__init__.pyc            info.pyc                 
libquadpack.a           odepack.pyc              
quadrature.pyc          setupscons.pyc
_odepack.so             liblinpack_lite.a        
ode.py                  quadpack.py              
setup.py                tests
_quadpack.so            libmach.a                
ode.pyc                 quadpack.pyc             
setup.pyc               vode.so

When compiled w/ the standard setup.py in an another virtual  
environment, it is such:
__init__.py     _odepack.so     dop.so          info.pyc         
ode.pyc         odepack.pyc     quadpack.pyc    quadrature.pyc   
setup.pyc       setupscons.pyc  vode.so
__init__.pyc    _quadpack.so    info.py         ode.py           
odepack.py      quadpack.py     quadrature.py   setup.py         
setupscons.py   tests

Looks like some static libraries are not grouped into dop.so when  
compiling w/ setupscons, which causes problems down the road  
(integrate.dop can't be imported).

Does anybody observe that, or is it just me being tired and having  
missed something ?

Thx a lot in advance for any comment,

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