[SciPy-dev] Question including a boundary value problem solver in SciPy

John Salvatier jsalvati@u.washington....
Mon Apr 13 12:54:36 CDT 2009

Sorry for my slow response to this, I had some trouble getting added to the
scipy-dev list.

I did not realize that SciPy did not depend on Fortran 90. It is too bad
that my wrapper cannot be included in the main distribution.

Could you tell me who I should talk to about creating a SciKit?

Also, I am interested in the wrapper you have made; could you point me to
your code or send it to me? Perhaps I can improve my own code by looking at

I am also aware of the other boundary value solver, and I think it *would*
be a good idea to have them both in a single SciKit. I will look into this
in the future.

John Salvatier

> <jsalvati@u.washington.edu <http://mail.scipy.org/mailman/listinfo/scipy-dev>> wrote:
> >* Hello,
> *>*
> *>* I am not sure this is the right place to ask this question, but I have
> *>* wrapped a boundary value problem solver based on the Fortran code
> *>* BVP_SOLVER. The PyPi page is here, and I have a tutorial for it here.
> *
> scipy-dev. I have cross-posted this reply. Please respond to the
> scipy-dev thread.
> >*
> *>* I am interested in integrating this into SciPy, so I have two questions: 1)
> *>* Does this type of thing belong in SciPy? 2) if it is, what are the steps to
> *>* getting this included in into SciPy?
> *>*
> *
> Hi John,
> This would be a very welcome addition!
> I also made a wrapper for this code a few years back. Apart from the
> license issues, which it sounds like you are solving, the main problem
> with direct inclusion is that it is written in fortran 90, which scipy
> currently does not depend on.
> At the time I was told that making it a scikit would be the best
> option for inclusion, and I think that is still true. This allows
> scipy to still be independent of fortran 90 code. On the other hand,
> as gfortran is now getting more stable and reasonably fast maybe it is
> time to re-visit this issue.
> Given that over the past two years I haven't made any moves to
> actually make a scikit, then I guess you have more momentum to go
> ahead with this. Note that there is a different boundary bvalue
> problem solver available
> (http://www.elisanet.fi/ptvirtan/software/bvp/index.html), it would be
> nice if both were combined into a single scikit.
> Cheers,
> John
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