[SciPy-dev] glipy, OpenGL IPython terminal with numpy support

Joe Harrington jh@physics.ucf....
Wed Apr 15 08:49:48 CDT 2009

Nicolas Rougier <Nicolas.Rougier@loria.fr> wrote:

> I've made a Python/IPython terminal using pyglet with embedded support
> for numpy arrays (1D or 2D). It uses OpenGL and is pretty fast.
> It does not aim at replacing matplotlib or mayavi mlab module but is
> rahter aimed at quick experimentations or debugging.
> I've setup a launchpad glipy project at:
> https://launchpad.net/glipy
> as well as a rudimentary homepage:
> http://webloria.loria.fr/~rougier/glipy/
> for those who want to test it. It is still an early beta version and may
> be plenty of bugs...
> Nicolas

Nicolas, this is awesome, a perfect teaching tool!  I'd like to use it
in my class.  Will it be stable in time for Fall classes?

Some thoughts:

Would it be possible to (optionally) detach the graphics from the
text, so that they're in separate windows and you just see the current

How about using (optionally) an external display program like DS9,
which has great features for interactively exploring the data in a
floating 2D array (scale contrast, brightness, and displayed data
range with the mouse; change colormaps; blink image sets; panel
images; annotate images; etc?).  This package is used widely in the
astronomy community.  Basically, what you're doing would automate the
repetitious act of sending every line's result to DS9 manually, and
provide basic capability for compositing images before display.


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