[SciPy-dev] the scipy mission, include finite element solver

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu@aero.iitb.ac...
Thu Apr 16 12:25:16 CDT 2009

On 04/15/09 14:34, Ondrej Certik wrote:
> Besides that, both William and Michael are interested in helping me
> out, for example William and Mike Hansen just spent an evening
> disentangling the Sage notebook, so that we can use it in SPD and they
> can use it in the windows port:
> http://trac.sagemath.org/sage_trac/ticket/5789
> while in the scipy community, unfortunately, I can still see many
> doubts if this effort is really needed/worthy, etc. So I first need to

Well, in case you refer to me, I think SPD is a great idea!  Thanks for 
doing it.


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