[SciPy-dev] Request of edit rights

AK andrei.avk@gmail....
Mon Apr 20 20:05:52 CDT 2009

Aahz wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 20, 2009, AK wrote:
>> Aahz wrote:
>>> Could someone tell me what I've done wrong (if anything) on
>>> numpy.core.defchararray.chararray.endswith?  The Parameters section is
>>> malformatted, and it looks correct to me in reST, so I'm not sure whether
>>> the auto-build is the problem.
>> You need empty lines between parameters, I believe.. -andrei (aka RainyDay)
> That was my first guess, but numpy.core.multiarray.arange doesn't.
Ahh, should have tested.. The problem is that all the text is indented. 
Except for descriptions, the lines should have indent of 0.. -andrei

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