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>This may be an instrumentality on the way to the "Goal of Scipy" 
>(whatever that is) but I wanted to mention here the importance of 
>reaching students with SciPy.  Software vendors know this: if a student 
>learns about a certain type of computing using your software, then they 
>are likely to continue using your software throughout their career. 
>Matlab has been stupendously good at this sort of marketing in 
>engineering schools, where learning Matlab is seen by some as a 
>*required* part of the curriculum, due to its industry dominance.
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I'd like to echo these comments. I have been working for several years now to
get people in my company to use python, numpy, scipy, etc, and have made
progress, but the biggest battle I fight is with the Matlab people. Pretty
nearly every person we hire just out of school, and every summer intern comes
to us as a Matlab user, due to the excellent job Matlab has done with cheap
academic licenses. Anything we can do do get professors to start using the
python suite so that their students will learn and use it will pay great
dividends in the future.

- Alan

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