[SciPy-dev] Two Marathon questions

David Goldsmith d_l_goldsmith@yahoo....
Wed Aug 5 14:46:27 CDT 2009

Thanks for your reply, Pierre.

--- On Wed, 8/5/09, Pierre GM <pgmdevlist@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Aug 5, 2009, at 1:33 PM, David Goldsmith wrote:
> > 1) Is there anyone "in-the-know" who feels that
> reading "numpy-docs/ 
> > reference/routines.ma.rst" (as it is now) is
> *insufficient*  
> > preparation for assisting w/ the Masked Array
> docstrings; or, put  
> > another way, feels that if one is not at least
> "well-practiced"  
> > using masked arrays, then one should not touch their
> docstrings?
> Mmh. Can't really tell. Experience with masked arrays is
> certainly a  
> prerequisite, but one shouldn't need to be an expert.
> Nevertheless, I'd be obliged if anybody willing to edit the
> MA  
> docstrings could contact me beforehand w/ questions.

Well, for example, I have experience *masking* arrays in IDL, but not in Numpy, and not using an object-oriented model.  Nevertheless, I'd be happy to ask you q's...

I'll finish the uncategorized docstrings I feel comfortable with (e.g., *not* distutils), and then help w/ any remaining MA's.

Others, of course, do as thou willst, modulo Pierre's request.

Thanks again!


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