[SciPy-dev] can I help with the docs?

Andrew Hawryluk HAWRYLA@novachem....
Tue Aug 11 15:08:30 CDT 2009

Good question. I'll let you know what I was thinking, and then you can
tell me if I've misunderstood the documentation objectives.

Each year I train a new set of engineering internship students in our
department, and one of the things they learn is Python.  Upon arriving
here they have taken a single course on C++ and another on
Matlab/Mathematica/Excel etc., but no Python.  I usually start them off
reading "Dive Into Python", but I'd also like a single place to send
them to get a brief tour of proper NumPy use.  The main NumPy & SciPy
docs are excellent (and improving rapidly), but they start a bit too
abruptly for my needs. For example, the NumPy User Guide currently start
with installation instructions, and then the next page of body text is a
table of all the available array types.

I would like something that briefly explains what NumPy and SciPy are,
and why/when arrays are better than lists/dicts, perhaps followed by a
brief tour of some common NumPy tricks, before diving into the more
detailed sections.

One possible table of contents would be

  What is NumPy?
  Short Tour
  How to find documentation
NumPy Basics

What direction were you thinking the User Guide would take?


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> Hi, Andrew, and thanks for your offer to help.  Can you be more
> specific vis-a-vis what you have in mind?
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> > Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2009, 12:10 PM I'd like to help with the
> > docs project. I have registered a user name of ahawryluk on the
> > Although the current focus is cleaning up the docstrings on the
> > module, I'm most interested in writing some introductory material
> > the NumPy User Guide.
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