[SciPy-dev] Summer Marathon "Wrap-up" BoF

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Fri Aug 14 02:46:26 CDT 2009

Hi David,

Thu, 13 Aug 2009 12:56:04 -0700, David Goldsmith kirjoitti:
> Hi!  So, one thing that came out of yesterday's Skypecon was the idea
> for a SciPyCon BoF for "wrapping-up" the Summer Marathon; if we were to
> have that next Wed. at 19:00 UTC (noon local time), i.e., at the
> "regularly scheduled" Skypecon time, would there be anyone who would
> want to participate but couldn't because of the selection of that time?

I was just about to propose this same BOF. I think since many people who 
have been involved in this are present there, this is indeed a good 
opportunity for a BOF. I went forward and added it to http://scipy.org/
SciPy2009/BoF, marking you tentatively as the coordinator. Please change 
it as you see fit.

I also added a few topics that might be of interest:

 * Wrapping up this summer's marathon.
 * What next: Scipy? User guides?
 * Drafting a TOC for the Numpy User Guide?

There are probably more. If we run out, we can start building a bike shed 
and paint it with different colors (each bring your own! :)


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