[SciPy-dev] def __array__

David Goldsmith d_l_goldsmith@yahoo....
Tue Aug 18 10:43:49 CDT 2009

Is this in the compiled C code also?

Someone (I think it was Pierre) recently asked me if I checked the code to see how something worked.  I "took the fifth," but I feel I needn't have: the real reason I haven't made a habit of it recently is (and maybe this is just due to the late stage we're at in the doc game), more often than not, the explanation I seek is buried in the compiled C code, and thus unfindable by me, at least with the technology I have at my disposal, and thus I'm at the "mercy" of the list for various explanations.

To wit: trying to flesh out the details of how chararray.argsort works - I go examine the code and all it does is call self.__array__.  chararray doesn't appear to have an __array__ method, and I can't find one in ndarray either, so after checking all other leads, I finally remember that the main def of ndarray is in the compiled C code.  What's an innocent to do?


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