[SciPy-dev] Plea for help

Christopher Hanley chanley@stsci....
Wed Aug 19 10:55:18 CDT 2009

This module was created to provide backward compatibility with  
numarray.  It's functionality is modeled after the numarray.strings  
module.  You can find some online documentation for that module here:


I believe that this module should be kept as part of numpy.  There are  
going to be projects that ported their code from numarray to numpy  
that depend on this module.


Christopher Hanley
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On Aug 19, 2009, at 11:34 AM, David Goldsmith wrote:

> Does anyone have a detailed knowledge/understanding of chararray?   
> Much of what is left to document has literally zero documentation  
> from which to begin; I'm having mixed luck figuring things out using  
> trial-and-error; I'm finding the code to be more "buggy" than  
> average; and Travis - original author of most of it - doesn't  
> recollect it well, says it was added in haste, and is presently  
> busy.  And frankly, why is this even in NumPy: IMO, it should be  
> deprecated, or moved to SciPy.
> DG
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