[SciPy-dev] stats.models report/preannouncement

Stéfan van der Walt stefan@sun.ac...
Wed Aug 19 19:28:44 CDT 2009

Hi guys,

2009/8/19 josef.pktd@gmail.com <josef.pktd@gmail.com>:
> Most importantly, almost every result has been verified with at least
> one other statistical package, R, Stata and SAS. The guiding principal
> for the rewrite was that all numbers have to be verified, even if we
> don't manage to cover everything. There are a few remaining issues,
> that we hope to clear up by next week. Not all parts of the code have
> been tested for unexpected inputs. We are currently adding checks for,
> and conversions of array types and dimension. Additionally, many of
> the tests call rpy to compare the results directly with R. We use an
> extended wrapper for R models in the test suite. This provides greater
> flexibility writing new test cases, but will eventually be replaced by
> hard coded expected results.
> The code is written for plain NumPy arrays.

Thanks for all your hard work!

> We can either package it as a scikit or as a independent
> package distributed through pypi.

SciKits are also distributed through pypi.  It's basically just a
naming/namespace convention.  All scikits.* packages from pypi are
also listed automatically on



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