[SciPy-dev] draft: NumPy User Guide introduction

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Thu Aug 20 17:53:34 CDT 2009

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> 2009/8/20 Stéfan van der Walt <stefan@sun.ac.za>:
> > I think it's best to encourage people to use np.* functions, instead
> > of arr.* methods (maybe others differ with me on this point?).
> From an editor's perspective, I would be neutral. The author of an
> example should use whatever they feel gets their point across best.
> Editors should leave that choice alone.

Maybe I'll put both versions in, so the new reader is aware that they both exist right away.
Travis' book indicates preference for array methods in section 4.4 (Functions redundant with methods):

"It is not recommended that these functions
be used in new programs, but there are no plans for removing them as in functional
form they work with arbitrary sequences which is sometimes desirable."


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