[SciPy-dev] NumPy User Guide table of contents

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Fri Aug 21 15:37:14 CDT 2009

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> Hi all,
> It's great to see that people are interested in contributing narrative
> documentation to Numpy! I think this effort will be accelerated much
> we have a table of contents for the final manual we want, to guide the
> writing.
> One suggestion is listed below. It's also on this wiki page:
> 	http://scipy.org/Developer_Zone/UG_Toc

This is very helpful - thanks for putting it together. I only have a few

- section 3.5 "Modifying contents of arrays" may need a different name,
since the array methods (sum, min, max, ...) don't modify any array
contents and the ufuncs don't have to either. Maybe "Manipulating array
data" or "Calculations with array data" or "Number crunching". On second
thought, "Number crunching" is probably a poor choice for non-native

- should section 3.8 "Working with different types of data" be placed
earlier in the array basics? Could it be merged into 3.2 "Storing data
in arrays"?


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