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Sun Aug 23 12:30:21 CDT 2009

On Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 11:16 AM, Neil
Martinsen-Burrell<nmb@wartburg.edu> wrote:
> On 2009-08-23 08:39 , josef.pktd@gmail.com wrote:
>> I had problems including data files in the source distribution
>> generated with setup.py sdist .
>> After spending some time with google, I figured out that
>> setuptools only includes files under svn version control by default,
>> but not under bzr
>> config.add_data_files(filename)
>> config.add_data_dir('scikits/statsmodels/tests')
>> worked with bdist_egg and bdist but not with sdist
>> I finally added a MANIFEST.in  file with almost  include *
>> Is the MANIFEST.in the only way or is there a better way similar to
>> the case with svn?
> I found this thread
> http://mail.python.org/pipermail/distutils-sig/2007-July/007914.html
> which pointed to this Launchpad project
> https://code.launchpad.net/~barry/setuptoolsbzr/trunk but I haven't used
> such a thing.  Post back to the list with your experiences if you would
> be so kind.  Peace,

I hadn't found the earlier message but I looked briefly at
setuptoolsbzr, but I decided not to experiment with it and ask for
experience of others.

my impression from a quick look at setuptoolsbzr:

https://lists.launchpad.net/launchpad-users/msg04492.html  leaves it
unclear whether it actually works for this

it requires itself as an install dependency (not just a build dependency)

it hasn't been updated in a year

So I thought it's too risky to play with it, if there is any way of
avoiding the additional dependency.

Using MANIFEST.in seems to work and I even finally thought of looking
in the python docs for the format and command description.

Thanks, and thank you for the docstrings,


> -Neil
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