[SciPy-dev] Ball Tree class

Jake VanderPlas jakevdp@gmail....
Thu Dec 3 11:13:28 CST 2009

>Hi Jake and SciPy,
>I wonder what is the status of this endeavor?
>For our little project we need fast search for a spherical neighborhood
>in a cloud of points.  Only now I discovered that scipy has KDTree and
>cKDTree which could be  used, BUT both interfaces are somewhat
>misfit for this simple goal one way or another.
>Also I've ran into libkdtree++ library with Python bindings which seems
>to do close what I need (just does range search, not sphere but it could
>be more or less efficiently computed post-hoc) and do it very
>efficiently upon my simple tests: http://libkdtree.alioth.debian.org/
>but it is under Artistic License 2.0...  but may be it might be of use
>to inspire modification of scipy's ways to interface with the user
>And Jake, how are you going along with your project since there were no
>follow ups on this thread I wonder if there was any progress?

I have not done much more since the previous emails.  I got the
impression from people's responses that the community is not
interested in this code until it can be both more general and more
complete (allowing for flexible distance metrics, multiple data types,
approximate searches, alternate tree construction schemes, etc.)  I
have not had the time to work on adding those elements.
As it stands, the code is available for review in ticket #1048:
It does have the capability of doing fast spherical neighborhood
searches with a Euclidean distance metric.  Take a look, and I'd
appreciate any feedback you have.

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