[SciPy-dev] numpy 1.3.0 import error

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Mon Dec 7 00:48:32 CST 2009

Forrest Sheng Bao wrote:
> Hi David,
> Do you think this could be a problem that I didn't compile python
> using icc as well? 

No, I don't think so. You should not compile your own python unless you
know what you're doing: by doing so, you mostly likely have to recompile
*every* C extension.

> The python comes as default of CentOS and the numpy is compiled in icc
> by me. Could that be the reason of the error?

It is of course caused by compiling with ICC. Compiling numpy with the
non default compiler on your platform is a tricky business most of the
times, you should use gcc on Linux if possible and don't want to waste
time. It is possible to compile numpy with ICC, but you have to know
what you are doing - if you are not familiar with compiling complex
packages from sources, you should not do it.



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